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1. 10 Crimes

Harry: ron, I didn't put my name in the goblet; Ron: don't lie to me harry, I know you did; Harry: I would have told you, you're my best friend; Ron: piss off harry; Take a look at my face, I'm disgus...

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2. Christmas At Hogwarts

Well it's snowing outside with no signs of stopping; The butterbeer is served and common room is hopping; So snuggle up close it's the best time of year; It's christmas at hogwarts; Christmas is here;...

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3. Confessions Of The Half-Blood Prince

As I lay here on the floor; Before you walk right out the door; There's something you should know; Before you take my memories; Take a good long look at me; Stop before you go; What you're about to he...

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4. Draco and Harry

Draco Malfoy what's your problem; You're looking kind of mopey and forlorn this morning; Harry Potter what's your deal; Are you having trouble with the feelings that you feel; Draco Malfoy what's your...

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5. Hogwarts, Here I Come

It's that time of year again; A time for new beginnings; New adventures to be had; A quidditch cup for winning; I gather up my trunk and cage; To bad the cage is empty; I grab my broom and all my book...

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6. Portkey To Your Heart

I know I barely know you; But I can't help but say; I made a special potion you can try; It's nothing very special; But it should do the job; I made it from an egg out in the woods; Wizard love is alw...

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7. Transfigure It Out

You know it's not easy; Being so ugly; But since you're my girlfriend I thought it was cool; You try to hide it; Pretend like you like it; But a pint of veritas it told be the truth; Became kind of ob...

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8. When I Left You

Days go by; I sit and wonder; Why you never flew my chimney or send your owl; Days go by; What could have happened; We were closer than ms. norris and mr. filch; But the hardest thing about it is; Tha...

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