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1. Beyond Treachery

Of the arsenal of weapons on this earth, you choose betrayal; Chip away as I fall crumbling inside; With all that I muster I wish you the worst; Unlike yourself, I cannot be so cruel; I retaliate in a...

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2. Dead Before I Stray

End me, but i am righteous; Scrutinize my right alone i honor; I am eternal, send my closet rivals; I am omnipotent, send you greatest spartan; I suffer, but my strength grows; I plummet, but my dread...

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3. Empty Shell

We shall dred the forthcoming; Every second sears me; As my anticipation drips, stepping back to where it started; Grasping my first weapon; As a protector, wearing my armor; Swollen with pride, havin...

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4. Fortitudine

Only now I perceive; Strong is temptation, will I flow with the tides? Or will I carve my words in stone? The way ahead, unreachable; Will I let that be? Live in aimless bliss or never live at all; Wi...

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5. Guardian

Walk ways with me; Forget your sight and follow my hand; Across all seas, through all straits; Until I've failed you; How many heads; How many must I take? An utter dismay; Through the unbearable; Mor...

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6. None Shall Pass

Like lions they carry me; They tear and cut my down, have I wronged? Betrayed? Or done violence without cause? If my path is narrow, they sharpen my blade and strength my shield; With all it can endur...

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7. Prologue To The Campaign

Prepare these hands for war, these eyes for blackness, and this heart to seep away; All that is suffered, all that is lost; List compared, your sorrow I thirst; Your misery I fail; For I devise the ab...

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8. The Inexorable

Awaken into sin; The gods of old would consume with the fires of the south and the winds of the north; Shake your fist and stare onward; None will cultivate that which is; Show me doom and greet death...

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