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1. 10 Minutes

Once, I ran into the sun, I must have known; that you were not the one. Come, and see the sorry one, He has come home, Say hello to everyone. Say hello to everyone. ; Shunned, you place with those amo...

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2. Abort / Retry

An attempt was made, eager to explore, meaningless belief, in this year of our lord. I'm not scared of what lies behind the veil. We have to abort/retry, or ignore and fail! We may find our way just y...

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3. Bangkok

It must have... I don't know how it... must have... Crawled in while... asleep... under the skin... through the ear... through the ear and under the skin... How could this happen... why... how... why ...

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4. Faith in Chaos

If my eyes deceive me, I wouldn't be surprised. Who is left to lead me, I need to decide. What to receive, why to believe, where to send to, who is left to see... the entropy inside of me. ; Opened ey...

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5. La Maudite

Your whole life's a flat-line, such a sorry sight to see. Been raised your entire life, told who your supposed to be. We come from a long line, soon to be a dying breed. Right about now I think it's t...

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6. M.P.

Certain moments, that I value, Sentimental, can't be measured now. ; Here, inside, all the answers. Keep them hidden, all that matters now. I can see them, with their fingers, reaching for, the thing ...

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7. Move

The best part of an era, is the part you leave behind. You push away the past and change with time. The best part about you, are the things that I cant find. There's so much I never knew. I think I be...

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8. Pause for Effect

The blind are in a rage; about the way we all were arranged; Like the monkey throwing shit; at the man who locked his cage; I'm fed up with attention whores; Find new things to tell me, to keep from g...

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9. Quid Pro Quo

Wake me, Wake me. I make up the words as I go along, I'm surprised they found you, I'm surprised they touch you. ; Wake me, Wake me. I've waited for this all along, Leave it all to have you. I'm surro...

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10. The Burdens of Being You

Loved by everyone, but hated by yourself. What's a boy to do? Paranoia is seeing things your way, They're coming after you. ; Your interest in yourself; has made you lose your health; ever more each d...

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11. Visceral

Pull the pins, watch the frame fall apart; Recognize suicide as an art; Hit the switch, everyone dies; I need something, show me something... Visceral!!! Hey man, beat the shit out of me; Sick fuck, d...

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