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1. Endless Dancing

See me dance however I feel like; See me dance when everythings all right; Take this tune and fly to the stars now; Endless dancing.

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2. Fast Mode

First Vocal:; ''Take me away out of this crowd; Into my world playing it loudThis is my game; These are my life making me proud; Put me out of these Walls...''; Second Vocal:; ''Stay here forever you'...

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3. If You Could Be

Sometimes i think about you; when you far away from me; sometimes i dream about us; Just felling free; it’s time they’ll be together; dance throught the night; this is my chance to say; if you could b...

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4. Interceptor

Intercepting lines are in my face; They wont let me sit down; Fire in my eyes,my skin will fade; Burning me down tonight; Burning me down tonight.

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5. Opera

I have seen the crystals that are swimming in your eyes, the fact that I've forgiven you is not such a suprise. You loved being the dominent and loved being adored; it's the last time I go out trough ...

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6. Power Supply

Your instincts going down feeling delay; You let yourself divide, do what I say; The sound will blow your mind and this is the day; Now's the time to fly so fly away; Your instincts... insticts... goi...

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7. Recharge

Take my hand; And lift my pride; You saved my life; You filled my batteries; With energy; When power’s full; Just dance tonight; No need to stop; Let’s take it forwards; Full power; (Beat the base for...

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