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1. Captain Straight Edge

CAPTAIN STRAIGHT EDGE - I am Captain Straight Edge; I am Captain Straight Edge, and I am here to say; all you evil drug dealers are gonna see the day where you go down! If you smoke you choke, you dri...

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2. Fashion Show

There's not a wardrobe for hardcore; despite what you think; I mean, look at us, we wear capes; You don't have to have tatoos to be cool; If you like hardcore, then we think you rule; You don't have t...

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3. Ishc Theme Song

When there's villains in your town, when there's hatred all around; Violence in your area, mass hysteria, when we arrive we'll be bringin' it down; International Superheroes Of Hardcore! We're takin' ...

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4. Screamo Screamo Gotta Go

From the east coast to the west coast; screamo screamo gotta go; Eyeliner and stupid hair. You try to look spooky with your morbid stare; Screamo screamo gotta go; Tight black clothes, you look like a...

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5. Seat Belt

You might think you look stupid, but the ISHC - we think it's cool; Your friend slams the break, you smash your head, be thankful for your life, you could be dead; You get hit from behind your car's a...

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