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1. A Waste Of Good Suffering

Here I stand, surrounded by darkness; In the middle of, an ancient shrine; Only the evil, creature of hell; Holds the key, to what's left to be found; Mesmerized - I will enter the dark; Crucify - Com...

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2. Cranial Putrefaction

Putrefacted bodies; Infected embroyal flesh; Slowly decomposing; Drowning in the depths of worms; Mutilated life - Bionic enzymes; Ulcerated gore - Fragile bones decay; A Interment of souls; Maggot in...

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3. Enchanting The Weeper

Your mind is terrified; That it is meant to be; Your life has ended here; 'Cause death is really near; This sickened nature - That wants us to die; Born by the evil - To the ground you will lie; In yo...

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4. Forward To The Unknown

Nothingness will reign, in the world of belive; Twisting your mind, make the life incomplete; Forever is endless, like life in a stream; The light in the horizon, crimson like blood; Forward to the un...

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5. Infestering Flesh

In the times of beginning; Where the sun was black; Only death and putrefaction; And the smell of infestering flesh; They are taking your life - And tear your soul apart; Possessed by all the spirits;...

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6. Morbid Death

Wicked rumours; Makes you to kill again; It penetrates your mind; And makes you go insane; It's a temptation; That won't rest; Spread like leprosy; Morbid death x4; The smell of rotten corpses; Haunte...

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7. Shall Evil Unfold

Evil shadows surrounds my soul; To find my unknown and secret goal; Seeking for the gates of dawn; Where the possession is unborn; The pleasure to kill - Is my only will; To take some lives away - Who...

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8. The Final Chapter

Meanwhile, we get destructed; And people don't gives a shit; The day will come when it's too late; So prepare to meet the end; How the hell can you say; There is nothing you can do; If no one reacts a...

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9. Where Death Will Increase

The dead will arise; Like an angel sent from hell; Blasphemy of life; Crawling out from it's shell; Suffocation - Torment will appear; Awakening of the dawn; Upon the altars of damnation; A morbid cha...

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