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1. Boiler Room

The reason and purpose; A boiler room shut tight; Freedom of choice; Yes! Choose your misery; Settle for less; Choose to regress; Don’t confuse goodbyes with bad excuses; Separate poor lies; From mere...

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2. Candle Burns Blue

Into the endless whisper; Through fire and ice no more to roam; A restless soul is lifted up; Is carried home; Meandering a silent river flows; Trembles in the heart of hearts; A sigh and the wind kno...

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3. Conformity

Resile to nil; Resile then stand still; Numbers uneven even is color; Smeared over apt loyal followers; Blind eye, aye, and the ayes have it; Have it and hold it; Abuse and lose it; Watch it slip away...

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4. Crystalline Hush

Lungs filled with fire; No ports of call; Countless silver diamonds reach out; Soon the night will fall; Drifting on the shimmer; Of melting sound; Perfect sphere of light that hovers over liquid grou...

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5. Eclosion

Attachment; A firm hand; Solemn ovations; Crude notions; Test the thesis; Father; Seek the symbols; My censor,father; 'Cause derived from dreams mesmerize; Down to basics; Infantalized; Find the shape...

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6. Elohim

Ancient signs provide leads; Fundamental archetypes advent the genesis descent; Portents of a celestial event; Reap the essence; Connect the sephiroth; Turn to thoth; You have done it; You have done i...

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7. Master

Soil blackened water red wash the river bed; Turn to your master, what; Separates man from beast; Turn to your master; Hope lingers then expires; In the baptism of fire; Turn to your master; Freedom o...

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8. Pandora

Curiosity; A seed; A creed; She received a gift; Tonight content is unveiled at last; And it has grown; At the place where the gift was sown; Misery takes hold; Misery, disease; Misery takes hold; And...

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9. Quintillion

Stand the test and progress; From above we are blessed; Quintillion; Contamination irradiation expropriation domination; Repossess reinvest; Scan the populace sell success; Quintillion; To be a slave ...

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10. Sleep On Stones

There is a presence in this room; An image replayed in slow motion; So clear my eyes cannot see; Faint voices whispers and moans; I sleep on stones; Stigmatized I am alone; In here; In a hall of memor...

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11. Track Two

Enticement; Preempt; Enlightened contempt; A dagger pointed at the heart; Undeniably; Public irresponsibility calls for action; In the best interest of corporate conquest; Conquerors kiss injured nati...

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12. Veneer

A headrush; Young lust; Words rest on scales; Wounds left in mouth pretences; Hard wired senses; Skin covered with trenches of the war inside; She opens herself like a womb; In denial she opens hersel...

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