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1. Between The Lines

What to say; I guess that something changed; I guess when I met you; You're my baby, baby; This love we share; Has got me insecure; Has got me fearing more; Has me really fearing more; This vague desi...

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2. Coast To Coast

Coast to coast we're waiting for our seasons in the sun; Taught to save for better days; not knowing if they'll come; And all the girls and all the boys; we walk the same old line; I think it's time f...

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3. Distance

As we used to take the time to read each other's minds; Now you and I can't find the words to spill; what's on our heavy hearts; I hear darkness howling, I, I hear division bells; It's such a strange ...

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4. Great Evader

Where has the light gone I can't find it; All of these streets are paved with broken bodies; I've read the books, I've studied case by case to learn; The more you know the bittersweet it tastes; And o...

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5. Islands

Take a minute to face yourself; Deep breaths that always helps; We've all been down here before; Got to walk through hell to get up up up; And you'll never be king if you haven't crawled; And you'll n...

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6. Lost Message

So if want love, won't show me; Get some backbone, won't you son; Get some backbone, won't you son; Though you're mad just let the hate go; Let the love back in your heart; Bring the beat back to your...

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7. No Regrets

Put your money where your goddamn mouth is; Put your hands where your lust wants it; You've been trying hard to claim her; Believe me you'll never get it; I, I never said that I would stay forever; I ...

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8. Obstinate Heart

Black veil covering the hole in my heart that you shot out; Your finger on the trigger, never thought; you'd have the guts to shoot me out; It's a such a sad thing; it's such a sad thing the ways thes...

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9. Sleep

There was a little fish in a big black pond; Always wondering 'bout the unknown worlds beyond; Unlike all the others he refused a life of security; Unlike all the others he was born to roam free; Some...

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10. Someday

Sleep now my love, though I'm not coming home; Don't you worry 'bout the places I might choose to roam; In time you will forgive me for what I put you through; In time you will be thankful for the lov...

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11. The Fall

Throughout the busy crowd he finds; he finds his way to me; Drapes his arms around my waist as he whispers softlty; I can see that you choose the hardest kind of love; The harder kind of hearts; yeah ...

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12. Soul For Hire

Elevate yourself, come on; I know you can do this; Elevate yourself, my son; It's time you prove it; You've been waiting way to long; Shifting your truth now; You've been playing on and on; And all th...

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