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1. Alienation

Alienation; Alienated from this world; Disconnected from my mind; Comfort my decomposed soul; You almighty, mercyless God; Dehumanized in your highness; Projected into subreal; Embodyed through the we...

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2. Buried Memories

Buried Memories; Inner voice that breaks the silence; Tells the same old story again; Years have passed, but standing still; Frozen time reveals the pain; [Chorus:]; That seemed passed away; A long ti...

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3. Dark Saga

Dark Saga; The deal was rigged; There's darkness in my soul; I want to die again; An empty soul shrouded in darkness; Alone and confused what am I? Images flash memories jaded; He took my life God dam...

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4. Mother Serbia

"Jedna kao srce sto u grudima bije; Jedna kao sunce sto sa istoka sija; Jedna kao krv sto u meni vrije; Jedna je sveta MAJKA SRBIJA! "; And as I walk this sacred ground; My heart it rings with joy ins...

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5. Na Krilima Noci

Na Krilima Noci; I poletjecemo na krilima noci; Vodjeni nadom i ocajanjem; Na putu posutom tamom prokletstva; Vjetar hladni nas pozdravlja; Olujni oblaci se nadvijaju crni; Gromovi oznacavaju dolazak ...

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6. S Druge Strane Svjetla

S Druge Strane Svjetla; You said you will be with me; You said I won't cry; You said time will heal the wounds; You left me to die; ALONE! Otvaram oci, slusam tisinu; Podsjecam sebe da nisam ziv; Osta...

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7. Temple Of Desire

Temple Of Desire; Come to me, be my friend; Step into my world; Into my fears, world's misbelieves; I'll help you to understand; Inevitable nature of the place; Which passes before your eyes; Leads us...

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8. The Dark One

The Dark One; Darkpath walker shrouded in the mist; Red eyes burning, blazing the night; Hellborn, devilspawn, bringer of the hate; Representing Hell on Earth, collecting the souls; [Chorus:]; Burning...

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9. The Lightbringer

The Lightbringer; Heaven it burns scattered are stars; And reign of lament in catharsis dies; Luminate the night for my fiend kind; Arcane worlds fall as I long for the dawn; Sadness and sorrow they g...

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