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1. Ability

Ability; ; You have the will to change the world; The past means nothing now; If you want to be a savior; Your focus is the key; There is no substitution for an open mind; To see the answers that are ...

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2. Age Of Computers

Your life, your fingertips; Plug into our world; Your mind, your sanity; We've only just begun; Our lives, our experience; Join together here; New ideas, new promises; Take away your fears; Uplink, do...

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3. Angels In Disguise

Angels In Disguise; ; Engelein unter Leben; Watching, waiting; They look, they guide; All around, they are here; Engelein unter Leben; From above, they guide my way; As they are also by my side; Heave...

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4. Artemis One


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5. Beyond Human

Beyond Human; ; We are not susceptible to your love and hate; We can't hear the lies that you fabricate; There are many things that only people do; Wasting all your time on who is seen with who; Spend...

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6. Black Sun

This place is very vast; How will he like it now? There’ll be nowhere left to run; And nowhere left to hide; What he did was a sin; All who care will hunt him down; People have to face themselves; And...

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7. Clear Night

Clear Night; ; You and I are on the beach, we hear the waves; The stars are hiding behind the falling snow; Tonight the air is cold, but I don't care; Because you're here, sitting together; Side by si...

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8. Cold

Another nighttime just went by; I thought I dreamt that I had died; Waking didn't set me free; From suffering an eternity; Cause effect why have I cared; All the love got me nowhere; Why do try? It's ...

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9. Colors

Colors; ; When you sleep at night; Do you dream in black and white? Every time I close my eyes; I see a different life; Visions of another place; Of a time when I was young; Mistakes that I once made;...

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10. Combat

It is time to fight; It is time to fly; Are you prepared to go? The glory oh so high! Are you prepared to run? Are you prepared to fly? Are you prepared for honor? Are you prepared to die? Are you pre...

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11. Despair


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12. Disease

The things she said I just can't escape; And I did it for her sake; I knew I would soon regret it; And even then I loved her; I can't go back to do it again; I wouldn't do so anyway; A victim of my ow...

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13. Don't Think Twice

I wait, and wait; I want to shout out into the darkness; I want to shout; At faces I know cannot hear; I stare, and stare; At images that aren't there; I want to know; When will I find my answers? Lea...

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14. Doubts And Fears

Doubts And Fears; ; Close your eyes, and open them again; Was it ever a question of if? As much as it was when? This path that you have chosen; Do you think that it's your fate? Was it all that you ha...

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15. Electronegativity

Electronegativity; Consuming you and me; Electronegativity; Power of eternity

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16. Faith In Nothing

Faith In Nothing; ; Life's not endurable; Change is unstoppable; Truth is questionable; Death is inevitable; God is invisible; Man is intolerable; Habits are unbreakable; Blame is untraceable; We're n...

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17. Frantic

Bring me up; Out of your world; I want to know what I'm missing; If I had a chance I would have run; I can't tolerate the pain; You are too unsure of yourself; And far too insensitive; You took what w...

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18. God Mech

Cover of Valve Track; Written by Eric Eldredge and Chris Boring; ; ; You're a machine; A new machine; A god machine; You can turn me on, but I can turn you out; I can bring you down; I CAN BRING YOU D...

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19. Gravity


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20. Heaven And Hell

What reaction did you expect; When you made me walk two paths; Keep your games up a little longer; And watch your little world come down; I'll watch your world come down; You give me help, but I'm not...

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21. Horizon Orient

The pain around I can stand no more; All the world is burning my flesh; Everything that I see; Becomes a part of growing change; The ones above have no control; And we are going down; The virus has us...

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22. I Have, You Need

"You were supposed to understand. I'll make you understand."; What's a life you can't enjoy? When is the time that you will rise? You want to bring yourself out there; With fiery passion in your eyes;...

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23. Inside

Inside; ; Took you out tonight; There is something that you're feeling; But you don't let me see you from inside; You can't always hide; Behind a face that's smiling; Pretending you are happy; And mov...

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24. Insomniac

Insomniac; ; As soon as the lights go out, my mind begins to race; Devils start to come around me and tease my brain; Tease my brain; Although I should be asleep, my eyes stay aware; And my heart spee...

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25. Labyrinth

Labyrinth; ; If I could have one wish; It'd be to bury you; And the loathsome past; With which I've been through; You opened up my dreams; And not one came true; I took my open seams; And filled them ...

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26. Maximum Formula

Maximum Formula; ; On this pinhead, there is a drug. It was created in a laboratory in California last year. It is 1000 times more powerful than heroin. This so called "designer drug" is effectively u...

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27. Metalstorm

Throw your head up sound your cry; Don't expect a reason why; Is this for a worthy cause; Or another dream that never was; Well you can run but you can't hide; From the pain you keep inside; Can you p...

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28. Mind Killer

Mind Killer; ; Caught between the boundaries; Of what is right and wrong; This spectre of uncertainty; Constricting me so long; I've waited for the answers; I've waited for the sign; I've hoped for an...

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29. Nobody's Hero

Nobody's Hero; ; Searching for the answers, running from the past; Frightened by the towers that are standing in his path; Burdened by a hundred failures from the days gone by; And still entrenched in...

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30. P. S.: Platônico Segundo

[Flosen]; Esquece tudo, agora é eu e você; Chega junto, vamos enlouquecer; Essa mina é firmeza, pode crer; Não é o que eu uso ou tenho, o que ela vê? Invade o meu coração; Uma noite sem pretensão acab...

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31. Programme Id

Programme; I; D

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32. Stranger In A Strange Land

Stranger In A Strange Land; ; Here I am; Another year is here before me; What is left? Where am I to go from here? Everything that I have done; And everything that I could say; Have I truly built my l...

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33. Syndrome

After all the things that I have said; All I’d done to make you see; I still remain out here; Outsider to your dreams; Say it’s true; You found the one for you; And it’s not me; Yet I’ll try, I’ll try...

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34. Temperature

Temperature; ; Every time I get this close I feel like I could cry; But I guess you never lived unless you've nearly died; The consequences don't seem like they're even there; Now if only I could just...

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35. The Softest Blade

If only I could be the person I was meant; to be; I'd show you all the things that I may not always see; Left here in my mind without any dreams to comfort me; As long as I'm alone, my heart will blee...

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36. Tô Nem Aí

Sei que nada é por acaso porque; Deus não joga dados, tô focado; No que eu faço, meu destino eu que traço; Metralhando cérebros, quero coisa; Grandiosas a pouca chance de dar; Bom não me abala uns ven...

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37. Tortoise

This vision can't be any good; When all I see is my own hate; I'm burned too far down to my bones; The way your flame incinerates; You turn your back and it's for good; My trust in you does not exist;...

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38. Try It Once

How did it get this way; Is there a right way out of here; Take yourself right to the edge; Take yourself right out of fear; Try it once, you and me; Tear down insecurity; Try it once, just tonight; T...

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39. Wasted Time

You and I have always shared; Now we've lost our way; You decide to walk away now; I will not look back; Everything that you have said; You were telling lies; I will not allow this feeling to win me o...

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40. Within Your Reach

Within Your Reach; ; Do you believe; In what you see? Do you notice; Everything you are? Everywhere in points of light; Throughout the day and night; You say you are like no one else; And you are righ...

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41. Wonderland

Wonderland; ; Every day that I live is never for me; Each and every time I try I fail to lead; And everything that I see is out of reach; All the things that tantalize me every night and day; Every da...

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42. You Will Learn

You Will Learn; ; We decide who's in the fight; We decide who's wrong and right; We decide who's in the fold; We decide what's new and old; Trust in others you will see; We will show you how to be; Dr...

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