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1. Condemned to Die

Going down the highway, the west cross road; And then I find a dark man with black clothes; He asked about my fate, he asked about my life; But there's a moment were I lose my prize; He put me in hell...

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2. Eat My Dust

Down the road; To liquor store; Holding my gun; And looking for some war; They call me beast; Against all the rules; I shoot to kill; And now I will; Pushing the trigger 'till my mission is fulfilled;...

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3. Forgot My Medication

I forgot my medication; Feeling - I'm not okay; 3 a. m. and I'm still so drunk; Few words I can say; My vision is fading; And the night still waiting; Drivin' so fast for my blood to shake; High press...

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4. I'll Show How You Can Dance

C'mon baby let's drive all night; Drinking whiskey, into the railroad line; We can drive, we can break the rules; Chasing cars, let's do something new; ; C'mon baby; I'll show how you can dance; Yes b...

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5. Loaded Guns

Loaded Guns; Death is Near; I must move ahead; Keep the scenes clean; ; Get out, Runaway; Dangerous men are trying to kill you; ; Before we get to hell; I load my guns; ; Loaded Guns; Money and Beer; ...

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6. No One Can Catch You

Only sixteen years, feeling so cold; With the beast inside, inside your head; Nobody can stop you untill you reach to the ground; Guided by hate; She's drivin'; Straight ahead; Her mission; Is cross t...

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7. Run Like Hell

It's better runnin'; Sixty miles from here; The gamblers of the bad luck west are huntin' your head for cash; Now take your clothes, it's time to put it in your bag; Load the guns and clean the scene ...

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8. Tonight We Ride

Hey little girl; Did you see through your window? Something strange in the woods; And you see a light so far; Strange sounds moving; Through the deep dark night; Trying to call your name; Then you see...

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