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1. Ambulances

Staying alive can kill you; It's taken years off of my life; Build my world within you; But loneliness comes; It can cure your iodine; The world is better for your grace; If I plead insanity can I sti...

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2. Art Of Walking

out of your mind; out of your mind with whiplash; out of your legs; out of the art of walking; under a spell; under an innocent sky; under this roof; for all this time; living with the freaks; in this...

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3. Boombox

We're going down the tubes; To the underground; What we gone and done; We're getting to the point; Where nothing seems to work anymore; If tolerance is dead; There'll be no rest for the living; Imagin...

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4. Bullet Proof Skin

Cold to disappear; I missed you more these days; And all these tattooed angels; Have brought me back today; I'm a wasted boy, empty master plan; Been stuck inside this lonely room again; You get paran...

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5. Come On Over

Steal your love as the good die young; Take what's yours before they come; All the right moves might still leave you in the wrong place; Strangest beauties in the strangest places; Strangest beauties ...

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6. God Gave Us Land

So glad we made it through the water bane; God gave us land; So hard with contortion lately; I know you understand; A million die and no one really ever knows; They disappear before the sun will ever ...

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7. Information Age

There's been delays; Murders of emotions; Distractions in waves; All stunted elevations; Can't seem to find a way out; Can't seem to find a way out; Can't seem to think for yourself; Can't seem to liv...

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8. Mountains

Gonna ride out on a speedboat; Gonna ride out on the radio; Gonna fix my way possible; Gonna find myself a phone; We're so flammable; We glow we glow we glow; Mountains reach so close to the sun; One ...

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9. Save The Robots

Save the robots; Save yourselves; Keep your head to the future boy; For everything it's worth; I didn't mean to collide with you; We fell so far from earth; No guru, no system, no mantra; Save the rob...

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10. Secrets And Lies

Transformation; We become someone else; Dislocation; As we get so far from ourselves; My condition's getting worse; I can't do without; Addiction is the lust; Won't let you out; All your secrets and y...

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11. Seventh Wave

Til the end of time; The world stops; We all stand still; Let the floods come as they always do; Watch the sun break through; We are memories and signs; Sum of what we leave behind; Waiting for the wa...

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12. The Buzz Of My System

got yourself out of the fire man; so close that you go and get burned and; then i run through furious night; daydream through the middle of strife; too much life is a booby trap waiting; right things ...

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13. The Heat Of Your Love

In the way that you'd state your feelings; No matter the cost; How you seperate all the creatures; But still you get so lost; But I wish I was wrong wish I was wrong; There's never been anyone like yo...

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14. Wasteland

They got airplanes flying over you; You cannot escape; See them watching you; Be paranoid; They have lists; Walls are listening; They know what you did; Love is stronger than hate; We are always on pl...

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15. When Animals Attack

These nights are getting longer; Seems like I've always been awake; There is danger in the houses; Of nemesis and shape; She took my mental bones; Placed them where I could feel again; You know how ba...

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