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1. Essential Ignorance

I'm used to back to begin a lot of times; And it is becoming endless; My mind seems broken, shattered and with no light; Just lacking to sweep off the rest; Rules, they can say... only can say... ; We...

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2. Nameless God

I know other kinds of violence; that erode without leaving any trail; I know players that like games of faith; and they play with a hiding card in the sleeve; Alone... Alone I can have my place; Ever....

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3. Redden The Abyss Between Us

Wanting a little more, we all want a little more, Wanting a little more, they all want a little more; If you want me so come, try me... ; There's no enough to this pleasure; There's no control upon se...

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4. Undone

You don't understand me... I won't give in anyhow; Words can desert me but not my ways to speak that; you can deny this, but not pretend that you can't see me delighted; for all I've got with the worl...

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