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1. Dark Reflections

After passing (the) point of no return; Nothing seems the former forms; You become another flesh; Whose perceptions confused; Objects of life get changed; Rulers and rules get razed; The only way to s...

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2. Drain

Mankind is gathered around a hole; For carring out their last goal; No one takes blame upon oneself; So no guilty , co-operated show; More and more and more; Wanting is never ending; Losing humanity ?...

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3. Filler

Solutions are set when I felt hope in ground; Hope of covering, covering all shades; I cant blame on, seas never filled me; I cant blame for this lovely beat; Leading colors, help me to change this; R...

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4. Hush

Told , passed and done; Are not so far away; As the blood in my vein is; Flowing as hopeful as that day; You've made me seen; Got me felt the hell's face on the earth; But you gotta know that lies don...

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5. I Regard

Your tainted bastard fails; Your mess will dissappear again; How could you think that I could barely forget my name shit, I Regard myself; Those days will never come; All lies passed by your rotten th...

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6. Mind Healing

Time the time; Faith no longs; Fight the minds; And lock the dots; None of nothing wakes for a change; All of remained, locked in a cage; I must confess that, I could not be what I want; Cos I don't k...

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7. Robot

I am the product of the modern times; Live in the city, love the fast food; Talanted on consuming life and love; And they have a remote controlling me; Only one button commanding only one mission; To ...

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8. The New Begining

Smells soury , seems browny; I can't remember before; The noise and calamity; Fragments of my mind call me; Somethings living had to be ? An end pulled this ruins down; Vast land where the colours' go...

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9. The Perfume

Vulg the baby in a filth; And just cut the cordon, That was the only thing you could , I could not care; When I smelled the gift you gave to me; I realized; Crap was my hometown; Nose was my eyes nose...

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10. The Shadow

Between the plan and the truth; Between the state and the act; Falls the shadow and the hypocricy; Among the existence and (the) nature; Between the thought and the spoken; Falls the shadow and the sn...

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11. Tribute To Life

Everytime I searched for the ways; To break the truth; "lonliness from birth to death"; I saw the ambition slaving on the mouths; I saw the fight that I've been, aimless; Going as I came , dying as I ...

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