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1. 15 Minutes Of Love

There you were, i was flying; by your eyes; You looked at me; i was dying; for your smile; Now the passion is gone; it lasted fiveteen minutes i recall; Now we trough it all; together and more, and re...

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2. Believe

Staying in control is how we choose to be; I know this is an issue with which you may not agree; We're not saying good or bad; Just seeing someone hooked is sad; Throwing their lives away to the end; ...

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3. Bother Me

Yo kids, you bother me; Calling my spot at three; When everyone else is sleeping you be watching TV; Playing games till the morning, I know you hear me snoring; Have you any shame knocking at my door ...

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4. End The Cruelty

An animal dies every day and every minute; It's time we woke up and thought about it; It's not natural and that's a fact; So let reach out don't turn our backs; IT'S TIME to face the facts; THIS TIME-...

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5. Enough

Don't hide behind your jealousy; And pin your bullshit lies on me; A backstab is one thing-; But this is another; Don't walk behind the back of brother; We're not here to preach unity; This is anger, ...

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6. Evolve

With every situation your personality shapens; You learn from mistakes to avoid aggravation; Lack of patience leads to frustration; I evolve 360 degrees,trees touch the space station; Lust is a safe h...

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7. Hazardous Material

Hazardous Material; Mega blast like an asteroid; Burning through your block with mad noise; The mic's like a mac truck; Your mind is a crash toy; Water in a cup on the counter is vibrating; When I'm c...

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8. I Feel Alive

I Feel Alive - Insight; Now i feel alive whenever you are near me, and you call my name, i hear u call my name; now i feel alive when u touch my body; nothin feels the same; i've got to tell you how i...

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9. Identity Crisis

When i'm with you every thing is fine; We like the same things you and I; But you changed-; How could you change; your feelings So fast? ARE YOUR THOUGHTS REALLY YOURS? ARE YOUR FEELINGS REALLY YOURS?...

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10. Lots Of Facts About Control

Lots Of Facts About Control; Tickled with fame admit you're a slave ripping through a maze; Limping to a grave with a page in a caged stage; Six ways in eight days they trick your brain where all five...

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11. Silent Shore

Spending my life missing one inside of me, Thinking to my self why this is so; unfair, Remembering how things used, Wishing I could bring back all that we; shared. (ch); Haunded By Memories. Haunted B...

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12. Standing Strong

Tell me what you want to tell me; Put down what i believe in; Say it's just a bad - a joke; I'll shove it right back in your face; You think we'll stop - no; We're standing strong; Together in full st...

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13. Time Frame

Time Frame; Well what we're dealing with is music, music, music; So many categories styles and ways that we've used it; To keep you in tune with the sound track as the mood switches; Emphasizing emoti...

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14. Walk Away

You need to stap back; And give me some air; Because it's time I walk away; I don't really care; Your bitting words; Sarcastic ways; You're unfeeling; But you'll pay; I'm so sick of you; Because you'r...

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