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1. Away From Me

Look in the mirror remind me how is freedom; These scars are as old as myself; Accept the fact that I've denied; My thoughts are ingrained stains in my brain; In madness I belong, when I am the truth ...

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2. Chaos Elecdead

It works its way inside; It freaks me out, it hurts me so much; That I can stand the way I was, I am and I will be; Please give me something to deride my curiosity; Just give me something to pretend t...

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3. Have no Fear

Build your world on the sand; Count the days that are left to you; See your future like a product; Sell yourself and be the next in line; Beg me.. You were deceived into believing that.. You will be f...

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4. In My World

Blessed with pure sins of silence; The only known cure for fear is fate; Never prey but always sentenced; Inside my own skin, I'm feeling hunger; In my soul? But never shines in my world; Always rains...

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5. No I.d

Dead mind against the rules; Another day, another pray in vain again; See me? hear me. Just tell me what I need to heal me; No name, no I.d. A big nothing just left to be; Nailed into my head.. Nailed...

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