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1. Catherine

CATHERINE; If i wanna reminisce 'bout us being together I'll remember from my place at the bar If tonight I wanna miss seven hours of you Like a bomb you're gonna hit in the heart; My life is tumbling...

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2. January

JANUARY; you lend your hand maintain control of your heart you wear your mornings bright you got me in love; cause you bring me to life you bring me to life; A taste of you is a taste to much when I'v...

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3. Undisguised

UNDISGUISED; Watchin' waitin' Sitting in a box With chocolate silvered wings Considering that thought You'll never set me Free enough to go You got no handle; On breaking up the storm you're hiding up...

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4. Yesterday And Gone

YESTERDAY AND GONE; I'll be in your head come Sunday morning you're gonna feel it Take you outta bed and go along with what you got instead; Summer's gone with the girl I like and the days are loosing...

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