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1. Alleyways

All tired and all alone; You need a place you can your home; And the alleyways I did not find a home; Doesn`t matter where you go; It gets cold and lonely almost everywhere; On the alleyways I did not...

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2. Another Instant

When I look back to the past; I feel there`s something I can`t show; And If I look into our pictures; I may see you`re crying; Now you`re dead in home, It`s another instant; And your hands points to t...

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3. Die

I start to frown, I`m going down; Who put me down ? I lost my crown; Oh peace of mind, seems out of sight; I`m gonna die; But It`s o.ok. I can`t do anything right; and I guess I`m not that bright; I g...

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4. Good Policy

To be grounded now is no real good policy; `cause I twist, I toss and turn but I never seem to learn; Will I have to yearn, love I never earn ? Will I have to find ? Minds full of indifference; And yo...

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5. Humbug

It`s not I don`t need advice; But everybody tells you want to do; You think you know just too much; You think you`re never wrong; But It`s not true I`m afraid not; Shut up your mouth before you go too...

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6. If You Wanna Come

If you wanna come; If you wanna come little girl; If you wanna come; I`ll tell you what`s wrong or what`s right; You are gonna feel so high; You are gonna touch the sky; there`s a way; (Chorus); I`m g...

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7. Kill Your Boyfriend

You know It`s true, You`ve seen her too; But wouldn`tit be better; To realise our role in this dawn came; It`s time to make up your mind; Say you wanna, say you will; Kill your boyfriend, come with me...

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8. Lazy-bones

I`m just another lazy-bones; Alarm clock always off; And there`s nothing much to do; But sit around and watch the tube/sleeping all day long; Come and get me, get me out of bed; I can`t move on, I`ve ...

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9. Rainy Day

What a rainy day; What a rain; Stupid boys are all around; Talking about snobbish sounds; Look at the fashion that they wear; Shit an disgrace, they won`t care; It`s a matter of brain; What a rainy da...

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10. Sour Taste

You thought you were safe and sound; Had both feet on the ground; Never hang out in trouble sounds; Had to face somehow; That things ain`t looking up anyway; Oh yeah, you got so blown (Away); And thin...

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11. Yeah

I want your kisse right now; You could say that I`m not the only one; That you could go away if you want; But baby, let me change your mind; This is gnna last; I want your kiss right now; Stop your pl...

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