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1. Apocalypse

Fear me for I am ripe with death; I am the last disease; The world returns to black; The final night is here; I have returned to guide the ones without a soul; Dark elohim, gather; We are the last daw...

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2. Blasphemy

I walk in constant shadow; Blocking light and dark; Bow down before me; I recall your soul; I am the path; My traditions covenant; For I am the only god that is; Extinguish these mishappen abomination...

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3. Burn The Flame Of Sadness

Smothered in ashes I lay; Among the flames I cherish; In their warmth I relish; Sadness burns the flame within; That keeps me from falling; Trying to contain the pain inside; I drink the tainted water...

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4. Dawn Of Awakening

Unbowed have we entered our tomb; Our conviction still unfaltered; We are the bastion of resistance; They blinded our fury; And now shall feel our wrath; 7 nights of infernal mayhem have announced; Th...

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5. Finsternis

Alein of diese Welt; Was bringt mir das; Ich kan nicht mehr; Warum bist du nich hier; Zusammen in Ewigkeit; Kannst du nicht verstehen; Ich verlange so nach dir; Ensam und alein; Will ich nicht sterben...

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6. Forever Damned

I am alone in this darkness; Damned be thy name; The night shall be my path; Damned be thy being; Blinded by unjust fear; Damned be thy light; Seven by seven.... Hand and knee; In this moment... I cur...

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7. In The Arms Of Solitude

As I cloak myself with sadness; I scarifice my desperation; Upon the altar of insanity; This veil of tears comforts me; Like a river washing; Through the wounds; Dazed and numb it leaves me behind; Bu...

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8. Invocation

Invocation of the dead; Hear me ancients; Answer my call; Do my bidding; For now and all; Invocation of the damned; I speak to thee in lifeless tongues; By worse unspoken my will be done; By my will i...

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9. La Tristesse Eternelle

I am broken and I can not heal; So discover me.... peel after peel; "Je suis blessé; Et personne peut m'aider"; "Je veux mourir à ce moment; Et tomber dan un sommeil éternelle"; The pain inside of me;...

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10. Prophecy Of Doom

And the skies turned red with the foul blood; Of a thousand angels... Assail them all; Their essence freely flowing through the tired; Gates of heaven... no longer will they stand; Liberate tutemet ex...

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11. The Bitter Kiss Of Death

"The night.... it haunts me"; My life has thriven upon soil; That was not its to consume; "La victime. Je l'ai mordu; Et bu le sang"; Cultus sanguine; "Elle s'a trompe pour la premiere; Et la derniere...

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12. The Fallen

To return my halo to the hands of traitors; The disgrace; Cast aside, betrayed, how I hate him; He who allies with my enemy; Shall burn in the flames of vengeance; Let this fire burn down the pearly g...

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13. The Pain Eternal

"The blood is life; Life is pain; And the pain is eternal"; Feel my wrath; Born of fire; In this moment; I will make you share; The pain of an eternity; Feel the scorn; Of a throusand demons; Stare at...

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14. Trauma Paradise

Eternity is the remnant; Of a passion long gone by; I could die; In those timeless moments; Drowning my mind; With overflowing bitterness; For what? If we would have slaked us; On the shores; Of each ...

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