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1. Angels From Hell

Falling in my mind again, I’m leaving to infinite; Fighting with my devil, living an unreality; I don’t want to say or talk with you; I don’t want exchange views; I don’t want to hear what do you say;...

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2. Scenes

The deepest fear that i never felt; Just good things are growing in my head; The beautiful dream that I've never dreamed; I know that you will be forever with me; I'd never planned to make like this; ...

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3. Secrets Of The Past

Feeling a strange sensation, something is wrong with me; Maybe something is wrong in the world; I don’t know if the way that I do it’s right; Maybe it’s wrong to be right every time; Secrets in my hea...

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4. Unknown Mind

Sometimes, somethings, are not in the way that we like; It's hard to understand and accept for a time; Because it's hard to change our life immediately; We have to change and make it real; I don't wan...

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5. When The Storm Returns

Wasting all that remains, my breathing is not same; Nothing here is the same; Avoid to remind, the questions inside; There's no other way but suffer; I can remember all the motions; And feel the emoti...

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