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1. Everytime I Rock n' Roll

Hey sweetheart do you wanna shake your ass? We've got all night long; Let's play rock n' roll; Tell all your friends that pussy time is over; It's time to free the soul; Now it's time to rock n' roll;...

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2. Hold Me Now

I don't need to search a place to hide; The track of the steps that I give inside; You can say what you want; And I'll do what I want; Cause I'm; Soaring high; Hold me now; Oh I got the power to decid...

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3. My Crow

My wings paralyze when you are close; With you I can't fly with my crow; He guided me along these years; Over long rivers and frontiers; In your bed; I search the right words to say; Even in your eyes...

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4. The Night Rider

Don't you say never 'cause he'll live forever; Riding hiding through the night; You can't see him but he can see you; Fast as the wind and that's fuckin' true; You'll never know where he's gonna stop;...

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5. The Snake

There she goes crawling like a snake; Shaking like a quake; She doesn't want to break; Her poison; Is living; In my veins; There she goes with that shine in her eyes; Without thinking twice; She is co...

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