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1. Army Of Darkness

From Dusk 'till Dawn They come in Flames. Hell in Their eyes, Bearers of Pain! Oh, Army of Darkness Born to Kill, Judgement Day's here No hope to see! Pray to your gods For your Soul. Raising your Swo...

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2. Bats In The Bellfry

A restless spirit, deprived too young of life?s sweet joys; The day they hang me I still curse; No cemetery pyre will make me decompose; Now at nightfall I start to roam; A maiden's neck; White and te...

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3. Black Leather From Hell

Night by Night We scream at the World, Rockin' Hard and Playin' Loud, Heavy Metal in our Veins; Living too fast To play the game, We've gone straight on the road, Burn this place to the ground...Come ...

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4. Devil Mistress

On through the thin air She flies; -My eyes can see You...-; Dream of Sweet Angel, long-haired Evil. Lust in Her eyes, My Soul I see it burn, Black Night's girl, Runaway from daylight, Daylight... ; F...

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5. Dragonslayer (The Continuing Dream-Quest)

The Code of Honour rules His Silver Sword, He has no Fear and no doubt To protect the weak; Might of King's Blood brings him Holy Fire, He will walk along Dragon's Path; Facing the Dragons His Fate wa...

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6. Extermination

Somewhere in the Future, From above; Alien race has landed to conquer the World; Savage Hordes are falling, From the sky; Unknown Warriors carrying Death; The Battle goes on...Storming the World, Ensl...

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7. Fate Was Sealed

Across the river lies the land of the dead; A royal burial place opened by mortals; As we neared the end of the world; I could hear the gods call; Amenofis' daughter; Fate was sealed; make my embalmed...

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8. Holy Fire

Oaken doors silence cries of mercy; At the inquisitor's fiendlishness; Souls now broken lie in his clutch; The state of grace no longer lasts; All who denies the truth revealed; Whether he be king or ...

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9. Innocent Sinner

Under the sign of Christ we met; At the entrance of God's house; My eyes clasped hers, and she just gave in; Desire in my mind; I crave her body to posses; I crave her soul; See me now with lustful th...

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10. Into The Labyrinth

Theseus wore arms worthy of a god; To kill the son of the queen and the beast; In oblivion locked up by Minos; A human body ruled by a white bull head; Seven youths and seven maidens gone away; Sail t...

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11. Mayday's Eve

Broomsticks hurry to Broken; Under the moon of Mayday's Eve; Witches shriek and laugh in the sky; Cause it's the night of Walpurgis; Kiss the Devil under his tail; Witch and demon celebrating; Just gr...

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12. Mensaje Oculto

Millones atras; Pretehistoria, Filosas Garras dominando al Sol. Negros Abismos; desolados, Prodigios extranos y terribles... ; Ojos que no ven, nunca podran saber, Cual es la Tierra de las Cenizas; El...

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13. Midnight Avenger

He comes right from The buried Depths of Hell, Destructor, Saviour of Mankind. Half-man, Half-Demon, His Powers destroy, He'll tear your heads and Souls apart; The Midnight Avenger; Assassin...He rule...

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14. Pagan Rites

Temple with no walls; Stone altar of sacrifice; I call the powers; From the Dragon's breath; The Earth forces are rising... Let's fall in trance; In pleasure we'll face the death; Rebirth of Fire; Pag...

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15. Prelude


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16. Sed Diabolus

Only the devil laughed in scorn of honor; In his envy he left; no work of God untouched; Then you cry out with a clear voice; This way lifting humanity; from this wicked fall; Since his wicked fall al...

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17. Steel Vengeance


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18. The Ancient Light

Master of life and death; Forever the doors of your black magic will open; Shining stars beneath your cape; And your sacred presence hits the heavens; Babylon, glowing city of power; You`re the high p...

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19. The Axis Of The Mist

Going back to the Dark Side;; Behind, where Spectres live, Back to your Den in the Stench of Graves, Where nothing can defeat the Shadows; The Axis of the Mist Eclipsing the Golden Sun, I wait for the...

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20. The Dreamquest Of The Unknown Avalon

Eyes of doves have seen the enemy's face; Hawks prepare for the defense; Cause a new God is destroying the old isle of Avalon; Lord Guigomar's knights must slay Him now; Otherwise the Dragon dies; Wit...

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21. Torturer

Now I`m going to play; with the strings of your pain; So don`t hide your tears from me; High pitch screams give me delight; Bring shine of lust into my eyes; I will tear your soul apart; while I cut o...

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22. Witchcraft

Inside the acrid mass of smoke, Incandescent Magic Leaves; Contort like Forsaken Souls; Dancing upon Hell's Abyss; The Witch mumbles! The Witch stumbles! Ecstasy in Her words; The Witch mumbles! The W...

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