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1. In Flames

Silence is all that remains; I'm tied in chains; but I can still free my mind; Don't ask me why don't ask me how; I cannot see but I can crawl and if I could; I would just; Destroy it all; I'm not lea...

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2. Like Animals

Cross eyed smoke; Crossfire storm; Plastic mushroom trips; More like the shape of bombs; Strong ash breeze; Down the deadliest railway; My undead movements; Take me wishing I could stay; Eyes like ani...

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3. Run

I've seen a lot today, yesterday; But everything is too damn great; to focus at only one at a time; And I, I've never been to all the places I wanted; 'Cause I must "settle down and get a life"; I hea...

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4. They Won't Let You Go

The world is falling but just over you; And you should be running but the pressure can't let you go; Your steps have been watched from everywhere; And a single balk can send you to despair; Your time ...

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