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1. Cold Life

´´́́All we life is cold; because we have in we a true; if this true not old; and this change in sad all the way``; The Moon a white circle in night; Change we in little worms; A moon have a great ligh...

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2. Doom Massacre (intro)

Ím be what you not want; Ím a liar, an devil, a nightmare; Everything in the world more than doom; Blackheart; Don’t look at my eyes; Just more one ghost in the hell? Killing all with y Lord; Burnin...

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3. Fell The Pain

Like the medieval knights; Like the stars in black nights; When the warriors is cut with swords; Everything about my dark lights; Everything about my little worlds; Someone bleed for you; Anything wha...

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4. History Of A Man

He is lonely in the earth; he makes your self heart; he is a very stranger man; and yoúr life is not then; he forget even the name; he not have any parent; but hés life is a little happy; Cause he f...

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5. In No Way (intro)

In no way; I believe in they; In no way; to do away they; I awake you; to cry in outdoor; In the crown; In the cross; everybody lies to me; In no way... ; Grabbing, insulting and burning; the ghost, t...

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6. Inferno

Hés walk tonight; He come to the hell; A dark priest in the town; In this shield of fire; He find your desire; Tonight is raining blood; Tonight the saints are moody; Tonight in cathedral; I wanna se...

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7. Interlude To Die

Now I got a glory of die; A spell of death, the great war; A wish lost inside a lie; it́s not bad, just more one try; A lot of hope; Whisper before I cry; Saved life, way of poor; A little of rotten i...

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8. Option´s

Jump on the road; fly into sky; you have the option; or wait somebody; watching TV; or play for the Lord; have the option; You can feel cold; you can feel hot; but ever you burn in High Voltage; you b...

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9. Rest In Myself Hell

Forces of dark burn it all; Black blasphemy like a whore it fall; Pushed under a hole and dawn; Black blasphemy, burn in the dawn; Dońt lie to me, motherfucker; Burn in the dawn; Leave it to me; Burn...

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10. Saints And Sinners

Saints and Sinners; and all remains the same; so dry your tears and rest before; if you cry in the wake of night; you're my reason of life; but oneday will end; die in my arms; Saints and Sinners; all...

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11. Sanctuary

The Hallowed devil call my name(2x); The cross of my Lord burning in Hell; The spirit that around the sanctuary; The electric storm never end; And the dead live there on my house; My idols are the ang...

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12. Winner Or Loser?

The center of world; the land of fear; felĺs like cold; forget all dear; life is a game; Winner or loser? Idiot́s wanna simpleton (money!); but world is a land of (idiot́s!); keep dangerous; Winner o...

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