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1. Ame Guerrière

Ame Guerrière; Soul is a veiled light. When we neglect it, it obscures and dies. When eternal fire is poured on, it lights; like an immortal lamp. Soul is a veiled light. When we neglect it, it obscur...

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2. Destins Cathares

In the year 1209, fellows were praying in a corner of castle, they thought they were purifying their mind. Eaten bread and drunken water, tried out to purify their bodies, which are for them some work...

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3. Errance Eternelle

My consciousness leaves my body. Human forms who dissipating, I fly away on top of world, master of my destination. I see : wind in the trees which always will blow, snow on the mountains; which alway...

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4. Esclave D'une Puissance Infinie

A valley and rivers are broad open around the prophetic mountains, so that the man can look toward infinity. Of here moved while following much metamorphosis. but from hell the faithful image goes dow...

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5. Fausseté Et Démesure

Fausseté et Démesure; I cannot say error of false century and traitor which makes crime an honor and reason madness. Ashes have ceased to smoke, they were scatted themselves in air of time. Montsegur ...

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6. Inocculta

We are the Athanor of the dark gods, Prosopopeias of unhealthy spirits in absentia, Aruspices magnetizer in abstracto, Obsolescence of Life in extenso. We are the dominations, we are the; reprobations...

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7. La Liberté Par La Douleur

Suspended in air by the hands, the feet held on red ember, she acknowledges under torture to having been attracted by prestige and phantasmagorias of demons. Story of one night to the sabbat. witches ...

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8. Le Souffle D'aquilon

Le Souffle d'Aquilon; Gathering of threatening clouds, faces in a nocturnal sky ; they show us death. Amphitrions of the fear… The fog falls on us, blood in our veins is hardened of cold. The demons s...

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9. Médiocrité Universelle

Disastrous abstraction of the humanity, what do you seek ? The light or darkness ? Is it this Graal which is the Truth ? Is it deep in yourself, lost; forever, hidden under the pain and despair ? The ...

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10. Ruines Mystérieuses

Ruines mystérieuses; Its name sings in the memories since lit the inferno which burned 200 heretics in the foothills of the olmes mounts. on a top among many, there are ruins in strange vegetation. in...

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11. Un Dernier Soupir

Dark gleam, first hope. The lies waver, fade. The Man rises, taken exhilaration. He transcends himself, forgets; himself, dies, liberated from his false values. Fleeting pain, infinite pleasure, let's...

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12. Voyance Psychique

Only the certainty of the immortal soul can become a solid base of the life on earth. Psychic clairvoyance, global intuition

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