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1. Concrete Boy

Daddyish brother is the silly me; Take five, another and feel like vitamin c; Can´t take me all for yourself; So don´t waste your time on me; I´m so restrained; If love is blind then tell me; What the...

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2. Don't Look At These

Look now and you´ll waste the day; And I won´t see through your heart anyway; We´ll shake hands and we´ll crawl again; And I really think you are my friend; And when you scream like hell; I will burn ...

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3. Fake Colors

The knot´s still tight , so am I; But the bitterness is about to die; It comes in all forms , shapes and sizes; Though not for me; My colors bright , it hurts the eye; On the second thought I can´t de...

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4. Fundayman

Good times are all ok , just think about the day; When odd rhymes make everything ok; Now whatcha gonna say; ´Cause damn if I don´t know you´re the same by just one look at you; Don´t you wanna do goo...

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5. Mrs.right-wannabe

I am a superlover; Never , ever can you choose another; Just have me , only me; I need more so I´m never lonely; I really wanna be liked; She´s taken for granted , formed all too serious; I know it´s ...

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6. Selfish

Selfishness means that I´m ok when you´re ok, ha ha! I don´t matter, I don´t really do; A brief recess would be good, I know I can´t believe; That matter that fits the shoe; Just don´t talk about thin...

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7. Something Must Give

To hate all the birds and dolls in me is good for brotherhood; But checking out what you cannot see can never be good; Burning the flag is selling out though fun on mondays; Summer´s here anyway , so ...

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8. Sugar

Sugar makes me happy , so I cannot see; Every single moran throwing dirt on me; I´ll change all these clothes and loose my head; There´s sugar waiting in my bed; I´m looking little blue , but turning ...

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9. Summary Takaisin - Back

All that´s sacred, all that´s glowing in your head; All that´s purified is all that you must take to bed; With sorry means and your love from above; Hell , sorry means never work; But , if you take my...

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10. Susie And Jimmy

Here´s susie , little susie with her dimples , her curls and her jewels; Everyone must like her , because relish rules; Wake her up and she will surely make it worth your while; Check her out and you´...

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11. Tried To Be Friendly

The baby of the better times hates you; So you´ll know just where to go; In this one world that´s never enough for two; When you show your secret goal; Tried to be friendly , now everybody hates me fo...

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12. Wanted

I never kept those sweet pretty things over my head; I never wanted to paint my bed to ugly red; I´m silly instead; I really wanted to make you cry for me; I´m really good for , not hard to see; That ...

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13. Zero

Just another day in a rotten world, you say; Man , I must be gay; ´Cause I´m so in love with myself all the day; Look , the little man´s getting away; I´m looking fine and I feel ok; Don´t teach me to...

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