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1. A Fragile Girl

As a teardrop fragile Fay I’m spinnin’ around; There are things I couldn’t even touch I don’t know why; I guess there must be some; To wash away my tears; I guess there must be someone; Without those ...

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2. Altro Che

Long for sweet heart to keep; Give a shield; Eyes wide open dreams were broken; Imagining; The windy fields the misty morrows; You better sleep; I would like to turn back time; Altro che; Standing her...

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3. Cristina

Tryin' to grow the red rose on; Frozen ground; Buildin' endless bridge to dawn alone; What should I say what I did wrong; Understand me; Why do you have that empty soul my Cristina; Do you think you c...

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4. Forget My Name

Welcome down there in the shadows; We are hiding round our souls for centuries; So learn the truth or never; Know what to do forever; Whispered emotions to my „friend“; Forget my name; Promised devoti...

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5. Not A Single Word

Walking through these dirty streets; You’re trying to find own memories; You’ve lost somewhere but no one can be found; Well my dear, you were so near; So close to glad my face your fears; And gentle ...

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6. So Make A Wish

Dear Liar this was your last sentence; Told like the fear-minded faith; I swear this was your first and last; Regret that I have you ever met; Old lies there are with us forever; Dark days your soul e...

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7. Synthetic Flower

More colors than black and white; Coloured earth we're walking on; Things I never saw, never said, never felt; Strange our behavior it's not the same; The time have betrayed me again; Wings I never ha...

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8. The Life Circle

Another one had died, Another one was born; He’s walking through; The journey he was made for by the fate; He’s crossing our days; Oh poor weeping boy; You can deserve; To stay behind the Sun shinning...

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9. The Sinbook

Why I stray into this hollow way; The God ain’t send me though one nice day; I know no, no slashes anymore; How it goes – my shadow on the wall; I don’t know how I can fall asleep; Goddam law I have t...

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10. Voyage

Lake of thousand souls; Where do they go? Where will they die? Sailing round the world; Sleeping in Storm woke up my Mind; Following the time; Can't make their own decision; Carrying with the truth; D...

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11. Where Are No Angels

What you do to save my dreams? Is it real or redundant? You can hear the stories round your World; What you do to let me know? Where are Angels without helo? We can feel them all ain’t see them; I can...

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