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1. Burning Empire

Vivid landscapes are gone into the dawn; Untimely fate forces the beauty to fall; Smoke and devastation are the only alive; Selfishness and indignation are in opposite sides; And when the birds fly; F...

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2. Falling Down

Another way to see the life; Another day he spends in vain; Where he has no place; Where he walks and no one seems to care; Cast yourself from the highest ground; (I'm falling down); Where everything ...

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3. Human Reason

What's the meaning of life for you? What's the meaning of live? Nobody teaches you the essence of life; Don't wait the sky falls over you to see; What's your purpose? What's your way? Let's march unti...

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4. Innocence Silence

In its creation heaven said; The sight of death; In life's arms; In the middle of this human confusion; A million of innocents fight for life; In a world without a choice; There's no hope for all thes...

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5. Nameless Hunter

I'm your worst nightmare; I'm the face of the fear; Your scream of pain; Brings me pleasure; I'm here to collect all your sins; Stars have revealed your death; On your birthday in a deep silence; A da...

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