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1. All My Love

Thinking about you babe; picturing you right by my side; girl without you baby, I just can't go on with my life; You were there for me; you cared for me; now I know it was meant to be; I'll be here ti...

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2. Another Day

In a world which keeps on turning; With a hope of another day; A love that kept the good times; When we were just kids at play; And through the warm of the summer sun; or a chill of the winter breeze;...

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3. Baby Girl

There are times when I look in your eyes; I see the love that we shared; I see the joy inside; But I didn't see the feelings you hide; And now you're saying goodbye; Cause your love has died; And all ...

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4. Destiny

My beautiful angel; floating on the wings of truth; You're my Destiny; You're like a dream become reality; Written in the stars above; shining on our lives; Gentle winds from your heart; Guiding me to...

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