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1. Blood Guilt

You are holy; You are righteous; You are comfort; And you will come again; Follow; No substance these days; In these words you say; Without you we are nothing; Save me from this bloodguilt; My body mu...

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2. Casualty Of Me

rain upon me as i become the very thing that i so despise; i choose to cry; to escape the demise; compromise; enmity; separated; kill what once was held from you; what once was blind can now see you r...

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3. Dischord

now i turn only to further your kingdom; sacrificed for the one who gave me life; for the one who conquered sin; cleansed me from within; now i only live to further your kingdom; against this hate i w...

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4. Falling Time

you are strong yet humble; so wise but still meek; your love is reaching out to all with need; bring us home; i want to be like Jesus; i want a heart of complete compassion; i want to serve others; in...

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