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1. A Perfect Death

The guns of a man named jesus; Built on man’s holy ground; When you gun turns on you; The you’ll know that there’s no god around; We will watch you burn! die! Damned! crucified! X2; When your guns sho...

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2. Angel Poem

I’ve seen an angel; She crawled out her grave; Then just stared at me; Without a word to say; Then that same angel; Just took my broken hand; Placed it on her face; Her expression was sad; Forgiven an...

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3. Broken World

I cry before my world breaks in two; Cuz there was me and there was you; And Jesus said that the world would fall apart; But I never thought it would break my heart; Sometimes I wonder if it’s really ...

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4. Drain

Sit all alone; Without a thought in my head; My only wish; Is a wish upon my death; Blades surround me; Tempting the blood in my wrists; Bleeding slowly; About to receive my wish; Tears flow like bloo...

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5. Empty And Worthless

I'd shoot myself in the head; Make myself one with the dead; If I ever had to lose you; Cuz without you I'm not alive; It's not worth it to go on if I can't see you; I am empty without your smile; I a...

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6. Murderers

Our guns to deter us from peace; Your life that is full of grief; Thinking about the recently deceased; Our hate is the only real belief; Money and power, freedom and religion; We all resort to the sa...

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7. Rachel's Song

Slowly my life begins to fade; I try to crawl away; But it's hard when you've been stabbed in the back; It's hard when the world has turned black; I can't get away from this; Can't get away from this;...

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8. Suicide Note

So close but so far away; Never wanted this anyway; If yesterday brings a better tomorrow; I'm never gonna see the day; And I, I am leaving home; And if I never return; You don't have to remember me; ...

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