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1. Behind The Grid

Walking through a town of blood and fire; Happy to be still alive; You remember how it was before; When the flowers grew up brighter; And the sun above your eyes; Was lighting the landscape you adore;...

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2. Big Brother

Day by day, you build your self destruction; You are too addicted to react; He is your new way to education; Can't you now wake up and face the facts; Turn it off, switch it off; Look what is behind; ...

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3. Control The Past

So you are now the master of the world; (Where is your pedestal? Are you sure you can lead us all?); The one who can defeat Evil; (Thank you to think of us, but you won't have our trust); There're so ...

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4. Eliminate

Congratulations, you've joined us to play (Alone versus all, be the best or crawl); And your challengers know the price to pay (The blood has to flow, welcome to the show); They all have recovered the...

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5. In The Name Of

So you say the road to the promised land's longer; We need to climb high mountains after having crossed deserts of sand; We now play a game for which we're not the masters; Borderlines are far away, w...

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6. Insecure

[Bonus track]; Talk to me now; And express what's sleeping inside your head; Release the claws; There is not always blood on soldiers' blade; Who's frightening you, is your neighbour a bad boy or your...

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7. The Prophecy

Defying the legacy of ancients; We have crossed the deserts and the seas; Leaded by the whispering of angels; We've found those who teach the prophecy; Build your own destiny; Be the only master of yo...

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8. Wake Up With A Smile

One more night to lay down here; With my eyes watching the sky; Praying the day won't come; As long as time goes by; I'm looking through the infinite; Like the other nights, I cry; I choose a star for...

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9. When We'll Be Kings

Fire the lights, don't look back 'til you're here; Break out the winds that sweep away all the fears; Can't stop the tears that still bleed on the whole of us; Your eyes just know how to see the outsi...

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