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1. Caravan Of Souls

The ancient in the hill, He sings rhymes of terror. Mounted in his horse, He guided the convoy. ; Desperate shouts echoed among mounts; And the caravan went straight ahead; To the Valley of Souls it h...

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2. Lady Evil

Lady Evil, show me now.... Show us the way…. ; Look at yourself we all have strength inside ourselves; That moves and persuade us make her your ally; She can be shy, Learn to tame her, Learn to conque...

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3. Sea Of Blood

One day the most powerful countries will notice; The evil they are doing to all nature that’s amongst them; Throwing trashes away, pollution remains even radiation; Inside the ocean killing all sort o...

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4. Understorms

The birds always flies; It doesn’t matter the size of your wings; It always finds the way; The sun suffocates you without mercy; Survive goes besides breathing its dirty air; A big storm visits your t...

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