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1. Hypnosis

Time is getting slower; when the light is losing its face; The eyelids of consciousness; can not care the weight of space; Last rays illuminate the way; that doesn't have any destination; For the long...

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2. Imprisoned In Forgotten Donjon

Alone in the unknown land; when these long nights; seem to be so eternal; I made a sorrowful harp ring; Only a chink in the walls; those embrace me in a circle; brought a ray of moonlight; to ripel he...

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3. Inner Fear

Upon the grave of guilt she lay; Engulfed with fear of what may lay beneath; A fragile shell of emotions; dark within a mortal coil; Enshrouded in silence she screams; Falling through the vort...

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4. Love Is A Poisonous Cunt

Confusion of thousands scared thoughts; blinded them to act in the tearful theater; ...for...the evil one; The anguish of thousands mortal feelings; Opens old wounds for the long bleeding; Another poi...

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5. Lustmistress

I'm floating trough bloody sky, this blood from my tighs; Drowning in my pain of loneless and silent; Burning veil I ve got but compressed am I; I wish once in my life to find my wistful heart; Tell h...

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6. Masquerade

The aura of the darkness night; Sorround my siluette tonight; My virginity will be desgraced; I'm feinting from fear; And I'm afraid of pain; However, I'll give up to my faith; But let his perversion ...

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7. Thanalogy (temptation Of Inner Beasts...)

only one sound there in silent darkness; Drops cours from the sight of helpless fate; It's getting colder and it hurts more and deeper; With a freezing anguish that holds you very tight; I feel ... it...

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8. The Odeum Of Silence

Scream all the soulles needs:; it demands the pain from you; Reduced to a skeleton you wane the face; Ecstasy cloistered from the soul's fear; Symphonic silence sounds so sublime; Parentless chi...

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9. The Secrets Of Psychic's Diary

[Chapter I.]; Today... I welcome the doom of loneliness; at least I wont feel the fear of mine; He must be so wonderful, so strong; although I can't see him, I know that... I heard his penetrating whi...

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