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1. Back To The Noise

OOh; AAh; A campaign of sin; In shrink-wrapped skin; And a palm oil smile; (OOh) hers and his; Lip services; (AAh) where mouths run for miles; Run for miles; Back to the noise again; Back to the noise...

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2. Beautiful Weakness

Does the smile on my face look fake to you? Like one empty gesture's gonna make me mad; And it took a bottle to get through to you; To find he put a tag on every little thing that we had; But as soon ...

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3. Fever

She's but a feeling now; Felt through and through; On ashtray sundays; Bluer than blue; She stands like every fence; I'd have to hop; To escape and shake; The demons off; Hot shot of fever; A fever; D...

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4. Heaven

This internal war; Put the bite in my jaw; Trapped in a rib cage I don't; Recognise anymore; The thick of it all; I don't feel anymore; 'Cause I pay more attention to the; Galaxies on the wall; I lay ...

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5. Nilz

I'm floating face down in this world; I'm floating face down with this girl; And if I could save her (and me as well); Would God's own angels touch my toes? I kill myself again; So you could say I tri...

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6. Symphony Woman

She paints the sun sets then; (Symphony woman, sing to me woman); She rips them down again; (Symphony woman, sing to me woman); If you're the subject; I'm at a loss; But always studious; If I'm the to...

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7. Thieves

If i hadn't seen with my own two eyes; I never would have believed you; 'Cause you were standing in front the whole damn time; You think I didn't see you? And you finally wasted all my time; (and ever...

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