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1. Blood Stained Glass

pull those chains when you turn me out; remind me what this life is all about. because i haven't felt pain in so long i forgot i was alive; sure in this life, the ironies can turn so cruel; but right ...

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2. Bullet

you're coming home to an empty space inside of you, there's no other place. you're wondering hard what you're here for, but every night you still walk out that door. ; you're just a screwed up kid, wh...

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3. Burn It Back

i sow these streets with my own blood it seems; my soul is feeling unkempt and bare. i'm just like you i'm complicated too. jealous knives in my back to spare. ; i'll burn it black as sin, falling off...

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4. Dawn

she threw me away, yesterday; her deadbolt locks i feel no shame; she always wondered if i'd bend of if i'd break; you wanna disappear from here? til daylight comes we'll have no fear. you pick the pl...

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5. Faithless

could you be lost; are you so free, do you long to be; when the sun goes down, do you feel the feelin theres noone near; you know it's such a mystery how you washed up over me; and i couldn't breathe,...

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6. I, IV, V

talk, wait, engage your heart at its nadir. your methods coming clear. we speak, we taste; we roll a night that lingers; wrapped in silence; please don't pierce it. ; kiss away dependency; show me wha...

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7. Lie And Defy

well, we all want something; to keep life coming; we can't help fucking with fate; so we lie, and defy; i can feel you all slipping away; well i came with nothing; i left with something; a feeling i c...

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8. Lights Are Low

let's all go to the underground, some kind of social lost and found; check all your baggage at the gate; makin sense at 6 but i won't by 8; pulled like a magnet to the door; the faces are new but you'...

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9. Misfortune

found me dead on the side of the road, barely breathing, but my soul was seething alone, from all my guilt and shame; found you dead inside of your room, barely breathing; but your soul was screaming ...

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10. Only Hurts Awhile

too much left to say, you never wanted it that way. and now you wake up wondering why your life is tumbling into nothing left to say; you always knew it'd be that way; and now you poison your dreams w...

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11. Sherman

i measure time in seconds between cigarettes; don't mind choking on cold regrets; enamored with the possibility of getting so blind i don't wanna see; be everything you didn't want to be; let apathy s...

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12. Used Up

You're my target, you're my ticket; safe and secure in a hopeless smile. Used up one you're a torch for some, but for me it's an itch, it's a pain, it's a trial. ; Wait for your eyes to give it away; ...

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13. Westworld

it was all i had left; was to follow the sunset; turn my head towards points west; find some peace and some rest; left a note by the door; so many runaways before; said "come back about a week or so";...

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14. When She Comes

when she comes in all degrees, no more need; burn the taste of all away, you can't say; try to kick a line in time, no more time; burn the taste down on your knees, you can't see; what i want i can't ...

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