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1. Bloodletting

[Lyrics: Meier]; Thriving on fear that I instil; Restless excursion, in for the kill; Smashing a face, violent outburst; Inflicting pain, compulsive urge; To your painfilled screams I am immune; Seduc...

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2. Border Into Shadow

[Lyrics: Haarlov/Fagerlind]; Viral affliction racing in my veins; Bloated heart pumps black clotted blood; Swirling darkness is all I see; Living death sustained through chemotherapy; Supine and shrun...

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3. Poets Of The Trench

[Lyrics: Haarlov/Fagerlind]; As my face reflects; Behind enemy lines; Yet separated by; Barbwire and mines; Knee deep in freezing mud; Best "pals" breath I tried to regain; The worst factor is, not kn...

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4. Poets Of The Trench Part II

[Lyrics: Fagerlind]; I remember sitting in the train. Though it seems ages ago, I figure that; no more than a couple of weeks have elapsed since then. I also remember the thoughts racing in my mind. I...

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5. Spawn Of The Abscess

[Lyrics: Meier/Haarlov]; Syringe injected into tender skin; Throat is flooded as the needle sets in; Tied down, brittle screams are choked; Vocal chord in corrosive liquids soaked; Naked scrotum stuck...

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6. Thawed For Breeding

[Lyrics: Fagerlind/Haarlov]; Morbid machinery, sustained monstrosity; Genetic abomination in hideous atrocity; Wrinkled body torn from formaldehyde; Placed gently on a silver bed for slowly to revive;...

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7. The Bullets Breath

[Lyrics: Haarlov]; "Fuck the world" is what he said; And the bullet went straight through his head; A life forsaken sufficiency; Frustration, tensions warranty; With blatant fury life is expelled; Fro...

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8. The Last Incantation

[Lyrics: Fagerlind]; A sorcerous existence aloft times innuendo; Erect on pinnacled powers crescendo; Endowed with longing for immemorial allure; A nigh-forgotten vestal grace bestowed death premature...

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9. Tides Of Vengeance

[Lyrics: Fagerlind/Haarlov]; A lonely shape in a phantom court; Where wraith lights dance from dead braziers; Tortured to illuminate this immense abandon; With spectral shadows of immemorial past; Des...

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