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1. 4 Months Below

4 Months Below; Face pale and gray; Where did this bastard go? Life slowly slips away; Used for weirdos pleasure; That was really bad; But that couldn't measure; 'Cause now they're facing death; KILL ...

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2. Abhorrent

Bloody body now placed on the workbench; In his domain, his shed; Aroused by experiments to come; Gazing at the lifeless body; So harmless, so pure; Ripping off the clothes with his fathers jackknife;...

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3. Airplane Crash

You get on a plane and go insane; You think there's something wrong and want to get out; There's no escape, you'll die in pain; 'Cuz you'll sit in a crashed plane!!! You're in this plane and starting ...

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4. Blood, Sperm, Shit

Rape your soul, Rape your holes; Cut your fingers, Cut your bowels; Dissect your stomach, Dissect your brain; When i gurgle your blood I go insane; Slit your nipples, I squeeze them out; Drink your bl...

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5. Chaos Dissection Order

Chaos in your head; Killing to create order; Get mad from your own insanity; Suicide to end it all; Chaos dissection order; Cutting and slicing like a surgeon; Dissecting piece by piece; Spreading it ...

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6. Dead Man Walking

As you walk the green mile; With tears in your eyes; Guards can't hide their smile; A pieces of you already dies; Walls seem to grin; As you walk on; Now you regret your sins; It's too late; your worl...

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7. Dismal

Sunlight shines through the dusty window; Another sunny slow day; Young boy allready awake; In mind setting up morbid scenarios; For this day to satisfy his macabre needs; In not time outside, strolli...

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8. Exhume

Inhume to prevail; To smother in darkness; Exhume to proclaim; It's better in use; Buried beneath the earth; Shielded for mankind; Only to arise; Again in the night; Away and out of sight; Protected f...

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9. Forbidden Hunger

Exhume your rotten body; it makes me feel so good; just like a drug i must have more; my lusts are getting bigger, i can't control; I know it's sick but i must have more; The pain in my head is too in...

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10. Grind Culture

One, two, three, fifth gear; Filth is breaking loose; Laughter and cries are here; Blasting time has come; Grind culture; Just about any evening; We're ready to freak and fly; Nobody can take this awa...

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11. Hollow

Mesmerized by fear; Sucked dry by the so-called leeches; We're all children of a lesser god; Your will to fight is gone; One can't compete; So it bends, breaks and haunts you; Stuck in permanent neuro...

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12. Inescapable Destiny

I was decomposing on the inside; and had festering and suppurating wounds on my skin; the pain and grief i could no longer hide; it's not just the physical pain but also the psychological pain that hu...

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13. Meatcleaver

At night at the slaughterhouse; No animals are slain; At night at the slaughterhouse; Humans suffer devilish pain; Brains get splattered; All over the place; You can feel the cold; Of death's embrace;...

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14. Oppressing The Weak

Describe my actions as reprehensible; Saying it's merely the tip of the iceberg; All will be revieled in time; Spreading snake-tongued words like fucking cancer; Torpedo your thoughts into the ones ar...

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15. Plague Injected

Root out the parasites of our infected cohabitation; To create a paradisiacal region where one can fester; In apathy until the end of days; Overgrow the masses with deceit; So there will be no revolt;...

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16. Regressive Progression

What man has built; Destructs itself; Every step forward; Is two steps back; Cure a Disease; Create Another; Progression is Regression

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17. Retaliate

You fucking ape, you stupid monkey; How I goddamn hate your guts; How could you be such a nerd; I'll take off your fucking head; Fucking mongoloid, bleeding cunt; Stinking ass, hideous fart; What you'...

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18. Severely Deteriorated Flesh

Infected by a parasite bite; First few months seemed there was no danger in sight; But then a severe pain occurred; Left leg swollen so huge, it looked absurd; Coughing up blood, entrails contracted; ...

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19. Squirming Parasites

Squirming in your rotting fucking entrails; The parasites of your evil death; Your belly is being motherfucking tattered; You fall in a psychotic trance; Squeaking and floating through your intestinal...

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20. Superior Existence

They come from a leathery, egg-like object; Covered by a blueish layer of moist and warm mist; A strange organic parasite shooting out; Hugging your face and wrapping it's long tail around your chest;...

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21. The Missing Limb

Taking down who gets in my way; My aim to cause immense decay; Gonna hit this axe; Right between your legs; Dislocating body parts; Standing in your steaming waste; Ripping and chopping; Tearing out y...

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22. Tiamat

The morning of the dragon; It spreads it's mighty wings; His heart is full of hate; His brain is full of desire; It devastates humanity with it's breath of fire; He kills innocent victims-Burns them a...

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23. Tumorhead

A swollen head; from the pressure inside; My skin starts to burn; blood spray around; The intense pain; of an exploding brain; Pieces of flesh with bones; falling on the floor; My mouth is gore; but m...

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