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1. Dropped To The Throne

Wake up ashamed disciple the darkness shrine; Through the eye of the supreme fire visions arise; in the dimness of the light; ; A star master occult forces a shadow with own life; Illuminated serpent ...

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2. It Was Him Certainly

IT WAS HIM CERTAINLY; ; Face to the unquestionable the reality is force; Eyes in despair; Thoughts in dilluted black blood; ; Morbid visions of a future without rewards; It falls down the distorted ke...

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3. Looking Forward The Promise

LOOKING FORWARD THE PROMISE; ; Vengeance in my hands; I don’t get control; Pour the blood shed, (in search); Of the supreme power; Dumb screaming (defeated); Has a thousands dies to live; Might by the...

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4. Nothing To Remain

NOTHING TO REMAIN; ; Lunatic, crazy, insane, hallucinogen and sick; Revealing the true face of hypocrisy; Blood, destruction, imposed dream by leaders; Damned minds trapped in your circle of hate; ; N...

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5. The Outcome Was Given

Desperation bursts at incredulity land Trials never seen before; Ice deserts, storm and Terror; Birds change their route maritime chains at uncontrolled; Radiations burn the moon nuclear earth cause d...

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