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1. Grave Of Sinners

Grave of Sinners; Lyric by Igor Noblat; Black demons cursed the fools; They need to devour your flesh; Armageddon conquers the skies; A bite from the evil makes you blind; Arrival of the stained souls...

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2. Passing Through Agony

Passing Through Agony; Lyric by Igor Noblat; Look at the bottom of the abyss; It's time to feel the flavor of suffering; On the top of the valley the sun burns your skin; You'll not have a grave; You'...

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3. Whom The Gods Love Die Young

Whom the Gods Love Die Young; Lyric by Igor Noblat; Traces of fear marked your face; Fell and hurt running from yourself; Your fate is to carry this cross forever; Whom the gods love die young; Carryi...

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