Ingurgitating Oblivion

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1. Imprecations

Gazing at the idol’s countenance - stern, lethargic - of divine voracity. Gaping at this senescent composition -; an impromptu of the grand opacity. This downhearted Godhead stares into nothingness, t...

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2. Nothingness

Darkness, black; In the eclipse distilled... Leaning to look if foot might pass; Down through that chasm; I saw beneath as far; As vision could explore; Looking as if; Just varnished o´er; With that d...

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3. Poetry Of The Flesh

Hast thine eye beheld yon enmity; That dwells in ye Great Deep? Gazing into ye grand womb, hence; Incising ye vapours that hover above; Why doest thou deify thine own; Ethereal... stillbirth? Infidel ...

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4. Spiralling Out Of The World

The journey on which your mind has set; Out of the body; Into the enfolding layers of tranquility; Eyes are claimed by the whirl that whispers; Drawn inexorably towards its centre; And so is the mind…...

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5. Towards The Flickering Light

Stars that soothe, stars that bless; With a sweet forgetfulness; Other stars anon shall rise; To the axis of the skies; Gazing towards this flickering light; Existence within a lie…

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6. Veil Of Perception

My mind oscillates; Between nothing and eternity; Reverberating consciousness; Offspring of entropy; Dependent origination; Void-spawned incarnation; Ascending from the; Depths of uncreation; Opening ...

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7. Waters Of Rebirth

Fade from stasis Into disgust, misery; And the cold light of dawn; My body breaks to blossoms blooming; The flowers of filth; Entangling roots winding deeper; Enter the womb… wound; Become the festeri...

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