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1. Better World

Can you feel the stinging? Cry bloody murder when the bugs bite you; Hit 'em with a hammer; But why hit 'em with a book when a word will do? Hung up on the headlines; Rewriting how the West was won; T...

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2. Girls Can Be Cruel

Your honey smell makes me sick; Your lies are spreading so thick; Pins in your photo I stick; Your lovers all gather round; They laugh and cheer at your sound; Im all but lost in the crowd; You dont n...

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3. Legacy

Aquaman knows what to do; days seem shorter than they are; finished counting all the stars; feel the gears wind down again; another paycheck to cash in; may the lord of flesh and bone; leave you some ...

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4. Natural

I got a need, for something new; I got a need, that says it's you; I got a hunger, or has a hunger got me? I get crazy, when I like what i see; I got your name, I like how it sounds; I get restless, '...

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