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1. Final Step

It's getting to me; Propaganda is all I can see; The things that you put inside my head; Generation brain dead; So don't speak; please forever hold your peace; Not a world for the meek; A nation all m...

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2. Geoffrey

Geoffrey's the one; who has fun; with your girlfriend; He doesn't need to; hit on girls cus; girls always hit on him; ; He always gets those girls in his bed; they don't seem to care about his girlfri...

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3. Impossible

you chose to give us up that night when we were on the phone; i thought about it while while i was all alone; to bare without your smile without your eyes your company; we were best friends swept off ...

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4. March 9th

I can't see why you never believe a word from me; When I'm tring to tell you; That our options are wide; Please be on my side; And don't be so rude; With your bad attitude; (here we go!); ; Chorus; I'...

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5. Ronnie Rose

ronnie rose was born in '88, he's a hardcore punk he knows how to skate; finds his kicks outside a show; ; he knows what people just want him to think; he don't give a fuck he's so damn mean; he don't...

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6. Summer Hodges

Lets get away from boring garages; lets go play at Summer Hodges; where we can have some fun; cause our fans are number one; ; We just like you to know; we hope you enjoy the show; A birthday wish fro...

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