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1. A Credit To Dementia

Invisible oppression; No sensations nevermore; My frustration caused the sickness encircled abandoned; Total dementia; Shelter from thoughts we'll find in space; Taste of brainwash as a foolproof fuck...

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2. As Coward Meets Coward

Useless words are the weapons of your convinction; Molesting; Infiltrating every perception; Disciples of a world called insolence; Memories corrode my soul though i meet you again; I'm alone with a n...

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3. Faint Smell Of Suicide

speed up; a spiral martyr will lead to your end; never to return; on these shores of despair; another murder becoming closer but perfect; cleanse me impure; I am the devil's advocate; in divine resign...

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4. Pleasure Called Hate

staring trough the eyes of a cosmic existence; my body and soul divorce again; no need for the fragile human life . . . caressing my wounds while I am chained to the ground; echoes of fear nourish my ...

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5. Soulquake Bizarre

false ecstasy; an implosion is what I feel; alchemy on my inner fields; poison flows into my veins paralyzed as I drown in flames; disintegrate, dressed in black disease; now I know what dwells within...

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6. The Blood That I Crave

the blood falls down from your face; the blood falls down from your eyes; your blood in my goblet; now I drink your blood, raping your soul; demonic beast wants your eyes; demonic beast wants your hea...

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7. Unmorning

surrounded by fire; cold wind blows again tonight; to subdue the calm before the storm; walking the path; a painful reminiscence; I leave myself once again ... emptiness, as I die, here for a while; h...

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