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1. A Quest For Vengeance

A once mighty empire; Formed of invincible pride, vision and devotion; But the unity of strength and determination; Has been corrupted and raped! And you claim our realm to be yours? We shall defend o...

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2. Beyond a Dying Sun

All life has faded and light is swallowed by the fathomless darkness; Firestorms and lightning become the all; Unstoppable manifest of obliteration is unfurled; Worlds and worlds wither into oblivion;...

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3. Messenger Of Chaos, I

Call forth the eternal grief; Bringer of destruction; Drawn all existence, oh dark one; And make us one with obscurity; Absorb all light and command hell’s fires; To deliver the gift of endless pain; ...

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4. Path To Apocalypse

Never ending obscurity surrounds me; This cold and empty void, far beyond all light; Guided by my own inner inferno; Transcending to the eternal dark; As I walk at death's side; Hell-storms shall cove...

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5. Possessing The Fire

I am he, the one who dwells in raveging flames; The consuming flame of redemption; The only purest self; For freedom of the being resides withing, Vanguish the resistant; The abominating truth of the ...

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6. Storm Of Impious Hatred

Obscurity beckons and lightning strikes; Vindicating the extermination of fallacy and deceit. Insatiable vengeance, the kindling to this raging battle; Of truth and honor; No mercy shall be!! This unh...

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7. The Final Aeon

Agony prevails, and with anxiety; I envision the fall of time; At last !! the ending of this dimensional coma; Awakens the blackest eclipse; As light fades we long for the elder days; The ending of th...

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8. Where Death-winds Blow

Landscape of reality dissolve; As total agony and chaos are invoked; To forever rid these mournful plains; Of your weak and infidel ways! Of grandeur and burning strength; Are these visions of rage I ...

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