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1. Circle Of Shame

Beholding pain; And all the hate; I can’t see why we play this game; Trapped in a maze; Confusion reigns; Success, the drug of our age; The world keeps turning; The times are changing; But profit stil...

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2. Consumer Patterns

A credit card needed to save your day; You are only what you pay; Consume as much as you can today; Well, that’s the game you gotta play; CHORUS:; You’re running again to buy; Just pay the price and e...

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3. Dreamer Redeemer

I walk the path of sorrow; This bitter, lonely road; My clockwork life devours; What lies within my grasp; A dreamer… redeemer…; I’m lying… denying…; No standards of behaviour; Were ever set for me; C...

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4. Echoes In Vain

Shredding ourselves, shredding our own selves; With obligations leading to demise; Hating our life, hating our own life; ‘Cause all our deeds still haunt our nightmares; CHORUS:; How does it feel to k...

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5. Facing The Mirror

You thought it’s only a game; One of those that people play; You said it’s not that bad; But it turned your brains to mud; You understand that things got sad; But it’s late to turn the wheel back; So ...

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6. Succubus

Arouser of my inner wish; Lustful skin of milk-white flesh; Sugar curves of wet caress; [But] she looks like breathing fire; Seductive apparition; I lose all sense of friction; And slip through her in...

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7. The Golden Hips Of Down

A long night down the stream of booze; My senses need a smoothing vision; She shakes the golden hips of dawn; And looks like a divine illusion; CHORUS:; I think I’m going mad; Or is it ‘cause I’m drun...

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8. The Infidel Theme

Lies; All I see in your face is lies; Asking from me another sacrifice; Cries; Can you hear the children’s cries? They’re begging to live a decent, normal life; Your so called saviours are copyright i...

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9. The Mourning Demon

I saw the earth burn down; Down to its poisoned ground; I saw the world in flames; The end of all its days; And since all life was lost; I have wandered ‘round the land; Dreaming about the times we us...

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10. Tripping On Revenge

I’m not the kind of man; That you could understand; I’m not the type who needs to be treated like a child; Like a nail on the wall; I will hammer your inferior soul; And the shame that you’ll feel; It...

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