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1. Evolution Through Violence

Evolution through violence, only the violent survive? All those living in peace don't mean a thing in our history; Sooner or later they will pay; With their wives, with their lives; Is there no way ou...

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2. Grain Of Sand

Grain Of Sand; An inhuman in our eyes, a failure; The mistake in the working clockwork, fullfilling our thoughts; Isolated from the decaying outside, he's the one who is inside; His consciousness is t...

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3. Guiding Line

Guiding Line; Here he stands, one of a million in a forest full of his kind; Captured by a voice talking to them again and again; Cutting through the skull into their brains; Lifeless eyes looking up ...

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4. Impulse

Impulse; The death of thousands or one by the hand of men; Countless lives ending at the same time; Leads to a reaction, like a wave, a tremor through the whole; Taking the way to somewhere else; Or m...

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5. Inseparable Symbiosis

Inseparable Symbiosis; The seeds of heritage lying cremated; Through the hand of a single man and his lust; Feeling relive by his work on flesh; Just like flies addicted to light; He loans for the uni...

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6. Misleading The Masses

Misleading The Masses; Look out that window, the intensity of live in this filth we call humanity; Religion, belief, war, blindness; The impulse for the delusion? The fanatics are feeding your anger, ...

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7. Part Of Existence

Part Of Existence; Am I content? yes I am, am I content? no, that's not my true self; I was imagening it, can we only live like this? You can't handle the loss of your soul, so anybody is just fine fo...

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8. Raping For More

Raping For More; All we see are desolate similarities; Try to find the final ending of this; Never be able to look behind the wall of your hidden face; Only a puppet with a knife, ready to destroy me;...

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