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1. Before The Locks Of Twilight

Key, to unlock the mind... Decorated soul, ancient and golden. Then, the feathers burn, And you've seen the Earth, afar. Now you are.. what you are not... Fallen, to the sky? And nothing can unwind, T...

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2. Black March

Descend.. in blades.. Eyes pale, and skyward. Proud.. in Death.. Possessed, by honour. Sound the horn, my Son; The horror winds call forth... Sound the drum, fair Noble; Call forth the Thunder song......

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3. Epitaph

Last act of extrication has been done; Horseman of the lightning traveling towards the highest mountain peaks; You shed the heaviest of the shroud in the most beautiful night; Now your attire is clear...

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4. Hisarna

The roots of darkness span the welkin, Reflecting scorn upon this world. As hail and horde claim all beneath it; Trample all within your might. Stain the sky to mark thy kingdom. Part the darkness wit...

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5. Inverted Prayer

Inverted Prayer; Upon hooves, Behold I, th' black banner... The answer, To your prayer. Into this world, have I come, To conquer. This light, which none so dare, With mortal hands; Is the very harp of...

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6. Invocation

Lie down in my mind thunderous King; Pure reality... Satan! who create youself; Divine man filled by the light of will; Impassive, pedatory; Resting in every time of existence; ...Take flesh from My f...

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7. Pagan

Altars in the flames; I'm running through the woods; I'm running away from the evil; Hanged fellows around me; I se the crows eating their eyes; I se the venom which was poising the earth; I felt on m...

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8. Reverence To The Obscure

I drink in, The meads... of the Night-hymn, Drunken, Of the dews... ere Dawn. My chalice, The token... of the hunter. My palace, The realm... of the stars. Oh, reverence, To the wisdom... of the Moon!...

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9. Storm Rider

Carriage embossed in ice; Carried by white death's horses; Proudly goes through; My clear tears; Which are her road; In the journey to the stars; When longing dies; Echo of mind disappears; Last star'...

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10. The Crock Of The Gold

He have heard once about The Crock of Gold; And he decided to get it; He knew that his aim appears once a year; In the most beautiful night of old creed; He sacrificed whole life for it; He forgot abo...

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11. The Curse

This is my soul, fallen angel pushed into the night. A star in the darkness ocean of enlightenment in the world without god; Silent ocean of truth - human, god, beast master baphomet... His taste fill...

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