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1. Infernal Rites

You Can`t Stop The Beast - The Pact with Him and MeMaster Satan Rise - In My Blasphemys; You Can`t Stop Those Storms - To Bleed My Holy PactAnguished Soul Rebels - The Holy Hell Attack ... SATAN LEAVE...

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2. Into The Flames

War - We start our War, destructive Legions spawned; Hate - Feel our Hate, Up from the Ground of Black; Satan - Master and Lord. we praise your unholy might; Lucifer - Angel Fall, be alive after thous...

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3. Krisnsdod

Bleeding All To Capture; The Horseman Of Black Art; Christian Lambs In Blood; In The Hellish Torture - Torture Evil Speaks The Holy Words; The Words Of As; Sending Legion Glory - It`s The Krisnsdod - ...

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4. My Immortal Coffin

The oath of fealty; By the huge height of heaven above; I swear to thee to be thy love. BY the abyss of earth beneath I swear zu thee extreme faith. By flux of air and glory of fire; By strength of se...

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5. Thrash`n Gutz

Thousand Swords against the Lord; Killing is better than pray; Hate us, and all us Sins; Let The Evil Pray! Chorus:; Thrashing all Mad; Our Sound of invinsible Acts; Lost in Pains and Live`s going on;...

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