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1. Battle Of Souls

Every time when we travel these highways; We are wanderers, fearless we go; Our mission is harder than ever; we’re determined to reach our goal; Every threat is a new coming challenge; We have learned...

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2. Infernal Manes

We are here to clean, to wipe out the greedy; Remove the redundant, and stop the endless exploitation; You're awaking the fury, of the everlasting queen; We are her loyal soldiers, the soldiers of dea...

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3. Mind Destructor

People in the streets are screaming; Trying to get past the Temple of Healing; Stretching themselves far past the edge; Falling into an undefined pledge; Seek what you see, and you'll feel what I mean...

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4. Symphony Of War

You see the future, and it’s tearing you apart; It goes right through ya, and it knockes you back to start; The book of memories adds more pages all the time; Axes clinging; Dead men singing; Our fine...

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5. True Force Of Power

My mind is free, you can't enslave me; I am superior, to your kind; I am the ruler, I hold the power; I am not blinded by the light; Feel the power....Flames are slowly fading; Satan's Fall....Have to...

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